•  $100M+ in production, Founder of Team Naeem Boucher Properties. Top Realtor in NJ, Gold level Circle of Excellence award winner.
  • Social Media Influencer. 21,000+ followers, that built organically through telling my story and displaying my work ethic. I built a brand that has brought massive attention to my business which in return has allowed me to be able to help MANY people being clients and fellow realtors.
  •  Real Estate Changed My LIFE, The day I learned the difference between an asset and a liability, my life changed! This is not a job for me! I am PASSIONATE about this business! I grew up with adversity in an inner city. I dreamed about the life I have created for myself! I BELIEVE anything is possible! I strive to help as many people as I can while at the same time helping to change others life through REAL ESTATE as I did mine! 
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